Friday, November 25, 2011

Hiya Rudy

Today the family is coming over to help get the house decorated for Christmas.  No I'm not one of those crazy Christmas-in-your-face folks.  I love Halloween more than Christmas, but since family is in town, we have a wonderful long weekend, and we host DH's work peeps holiday party the first Sunday in December- we could use all the help to decorate we can get. :)
Anywho, I thought I'd share a mini book I made when we lost power a couple weeks ago.  Great thing about crafting, most things can be crafted made without power. :)  I'm on a big red, white, and kraft kick this year.
'Cause this is a mini book (4" X 4"), some of the pages have added pockets for doubled siding pictures or extra space for writing down those memories.  This one already went home with one of my coworkers. :)  She wants to put pictures in of her lil' boy's first Christmas.
I hope she brings it in with pictures so I can see what it looks like filled. :)
Making mini books are relaxing for me, but I don't often get to see what they look like with all the pictures in them. :(
Yup I really have posted shots of all the innards.  Thanks to you for looking/reading this uber long post!  I really should add some kinda "Where's Waldo" prize announcement in one of these. LOL!
Well this is an embarrassing shot.  Paper lint on the velvet paper!  Hopefully I took care of that before my coworker bought this album!!
You'd think with my recent red and white obsession I would be a huge peppermint fan. Nope, not really.  DH and DSIL are big peppermint ice cream fiends though. :)
The very last page has a fun flap.  Again, since this is a mini having flaps and tags give just a little more space for journal writing or pictures.  The "extra" space also adds a fun surprise element too. :)

Hope you enjoyed this little book and stop by tomorrow to see what/where I am guest blogging!!!!! :)


  1. so cute! I love the red ink on the Kraft paper.

  2. That little deer is sooo cute and I just LOVE your mini album.. great choice of colors and papers!
    Sylvia xx


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