Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Notes

What a luscious day today!!!  It definitely felt like summer.  The nice 70 degree, no humidity, blue sky kinda day.  Ahhhh.  It got me thinking it may be time to get some summer prep in order!
So to help get be prepared for all the summer fun, I whipped up this mini clipboard.  It seemed like a fun kinda way to get those beach lists, grill lists, pool party fun list and all that summer whatnot stuff ready. :)

Gonna post pics of the new 'do later.  Be prepared folks.  It's wicked short!!!


  1. Your clip board is so pretty.
    It was a beautiful summer day here as well. Sooo nice.
    Looking forward to your new do

  2. 70 degrees (and no tornadoes) sounds lovely. It's going to be 93 here, today.
    A wicked short hairdo? Cannot wait to see it, Moriah.
    Love your new clip board.


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