Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day in Portland (Maine that is!)

We spent yesterday in Portland with our friends Jeff (the one who takes awesome pictures) and Erin (the one who makes awesome Olives for Dinner).  

We met the most wonderful gal at 2 Note!  2 Note is a perfumery that can't be missed if you are in Portland!!!
We, of course, hit my favorite kitchen place LeRoux Kitchen.  It's the same place as I mention and was inspired by in this post.  I'm looking away from the camera as if I was saying no pictures here, but really it was just that I didn't know Jeff was taking a picture! :)
We ate at Erin's favorite vegetarian restaurant Green Elephant.  Jeff took a pic of another bracelet I made like this one, but I promise to show pics of what we ate for lunch later this week. :)  It was Yummy!!!

It was a wonderful day and we met some great independent store owners that really reinforced our appreciation of "Mom and Pop" shops.  Please support those folks wherever you are.  They are what America is all about!

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  1. Your hair looks very lovely in the photo :)
    Lilacs, I can't wait until they bloom here.
    Pretty bracelet.


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