Monday, December 6, 2010

My Halls are mostly DECKED! :)

Welcome to my "Decked Halls"!  Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting a tree trimming party blogland style. :)  I thought I'd share what my husband, his family, and I did on Black Friday to get ready for the holidays.
Help yourself to a cuppa, it's gonna be a heavy pic post. :)
 Wash up if you like while I make your cuppa and we'll start in the dining room.  DH just finished the wainscoting and chair rail in there.  I was supposed to paint the walls above, but I really want to get the rest of those cardinal wall clings up DSIL gave me!  Painting will have to wait to after the holidays.  ;)
These are the "Little People my mom made when I was a kid.  Remember when ceramics was big and everyone was creating something in a ceramics class?  I have almost all the Christmas creations of my mom.  See if you can spot more as we wander around.  When it get's dark we'll stop back here to see everything all lit up. :)
DH cleaned up his office so he could put up his tree.  This is the one he had when we were first dating. :)  He's a white lights and simple decor kinda guy.  Good thing I've convinced him "more is better" when it comes to Christmas decor or one of us would be very sad right now. LOL!
Rest a bit before we head upstairs.  This tree is our "First Christmas" tree.  We held a voting contest with all of our friends and family for our first married Christmas.  Folks had to vote for colored or white lights.  Lucky for this "color gal" and her "white lights guy" it was a tie!  So there's a strand of each on this tree along with some old school bubble lights.  Those were my moms favorite.  You can sit here by the tree...
or over here by the fire.
Oh dear!  I haven't a fire going yet!  We did manage to get my stocking, DH's stocking, and the fur crew socks up though.  Since there's no fire maybe we should head upstairs. :) 
 If you need a rest stop you could use our guest bath, or
the master bath.  We've wandering for a bit and you've had a lot of coffee. :)  You're all set?  Okay then...
Here's our master bedroom tree.  Gram was getting rid of this tree, so I took it off her hands.  My mom's collection of blow glass ornaments, along with some of my own, reside here away from the dangers of little hands and bodies. :)
Here's the very first glass ornament I got mom for Christmas when I was a kid (okay really Gram bought it for me to give her. ;) )  It's starting to get dark.  Why don't you help me turn on the trees in the other bedrooms.
Love those colorful lights. :)
Pretty little bird lights to brighten the night. :)  Let's head back to the dining room to see the tree all lit up. That on is on a timer so it's already casting it's soft glow!
Oh DH must have come home and lit the candles for us!  I ADORE candlelit dinners.
I also adore snow!  This whole tree is dedicated to my snowflake, snowman, snowwoman, snow-whatever ornaments.  Gram gave us this when we got married.  Cute couple aren't they?  DH and I are looking more and more like them everyday! LOL!
Well thanks for stopping by!  It was wonderful to have you!  I'll be sure to pass along all your compliments to DH and the rest of the family.  They worked hard to help me put this all together.  Stop by again later this week and I'll share my pictures from the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair in NYC this weekend and the Macy*s windows. :)

Hop over here to see even more decked abodes! :)


  1. Your home is so lovely ~ love your decorations.

    I'm a new follower from the Deck the Halls party at Between Naps on the Porch.

    Stop by & say hi sometime - -Happy Holidays!!

  2. Thank you for this tour!
    I enjoyed!
    Your house looks amazing!
    I love all details but my favourite is fireplace!
    Compliments to your DH and you for all hard work!

  3. Thanks for the tour...your home looks outstanding. I’m having a Christmas Open House on the 16th…would love to have you join in!


  4. Your home and decs are all so beautiful. I know what you mean about the white/multi lights so I use to put both on the tree and we could have our choice of one or the other as we liked. Kept everyone happy!
    Thank you for sharing! :o)

  5. I have one of those same glass trees, my mom had it and wants me to take it, I wanted to take it two years ago but we were living in an apartment and had no room for it and we were planning on moving so I didnt want to take it and have to move it and have it break, so I told her I would take it whenever we settled in permenantly somewhere so I didnt have to move it 392056239062 times!
    I love your home very nice, I am your newest follower :)

  6. Beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas! Gail


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