Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Gal Martha

As if, but a gal can wish. :)  I told you earlier this week that I had been to the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair.  Here are some pic's from the day.  Only a few.  We're hosting my husbands office party at our place this weekend and I really need to get this place cleaned up! LOL! (Actually it's more like crying out loud- I really hate cleaning)
After getting up at 5:15 am (or as I refer to it "the time God hasn't turned on the lights yet, so I shouldn't be up) to catch my very first ever train at 7:20 (also in the a-period-m-period) my friend Lynn and I got to the line outside the MSLO offices at 11:15.  Within 10 minutes the line had tripled!  No kidding.  I can tell you it was WICKED COLD OUTSIDE!!!  We waited the 45 minutes and were number 99 and 100 to get in the door. :)
Moments later it was shoppers delight!  Most of the folks selling wears were employees, but we met some wonderful vendors who had won the chance to take part in the fair.
This gal was one of them!  She sold some great felted baskets that looked like acorns and some of the cutest little felt acorn ornaments.  Of course I had to get a few of those precious ornaments.  My friend Lynn got one of the acorn baskets for a friend and it is so stinking cute!!!  The card I picked up from this gal lists her website as Baskets At Home and she was simply lovely in spite of my terrible photo. (It was a hopping place people!  I had to snap quick.)
I'm probably remembering/spelling this wrong but Sullivan Street Bakery was there selling bomboloni and they were AMA-wait-for-it-ZING!  Lighter than a doughnut and vanilla creme filled goodness. YUM!
I snapped this shot of some homemade jam for the Jammin Crew at my church (BTW they had The Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday and the gals sold $4,100 worth of jams and goods.  Whoo-hooo!)
Lest you think I only took photos of food... This is my friend Lynn holding Bad To The Bone, a stuffed animal made of knit gloves.  He's the creation of Anduin (an Emmy winning employee of MSLO).  I got BTTB's stinkin cute reindeer brother Fitz (photo coming soon).  Lynn got fingerless gloves made by Anduin.  We spent the train ride back being little kids excited that the hands that touched an Emmy made our goodies. :)
There was a make-your-own booth hosted by Martha gals too!  We were afraid of breaking anything we made so would took a pass and just watched the goodies folks were creating.
When we left at 1:30 pm the line to get in looked like this.  You see that goldish colored boxy thing sort of at the base of the street light?  The line went FURTHER than that.  But wait there's more!  Let's look back at the building I just left...
The line went to that Just 4 truck and wrapped back toward the door.  Holy moly!  It was like getting into a night club!  There were only so many folks let in at a time.  I've never seen that for a craft fair before.  It was kinda neat. :)

I'll post some pic's of the Macy*s windows this weekend.  Before I go, I want to give a great shout out to some of the FANTASTIC folks who were there, I *heart*, and was so distracted admiring/buying their wears I forgot to get a photo of their booth.  In no particular order...

Blondies Southern Sweets and Savories (in spite of the fact she is an Auburn Tiger and not a Clemson Tiger, I adored her tasty goods and she was a true southern gem. LOL!)
The Feisty Redhead (great scarves and shoulder shrugs)
little alouette (awesome teething rings! I'm getting a custom one for a friend as a shower gift!)
handmade stuffed PET PORTRAITS (exactly what they look like and AWESOME!)
LaLa Laurie (her card reads crafter, writer, kitten wrangler- nothing more to say.  I'm in! BTW she posted some great shots of craft day on her blog.  Whatta gal!)

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