Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you for the thank you!

Over the summer I offered some blog candy.  The lucky winner was Weird Cat and she was sweet enough to send a thank you card made from some of the candy she got. :)
 How talented is she!!!!  Uber glad she got the goodies and showed me what could be done with them.  Sometimes it really helps to have a fresh pair of eyes. :)  This is just so beautiful!
I *heart* mail from what I consider exotic places, which is anything outside of the continental US and any island that isn't a borough of NYC (Sorry NYC I'm from Upstate NY. NYC just isn't exotic to me.)  So getting mail from abroad was awesome!!!  Thanks again to WeirdCat!  You really made my day.  Sorry I took so long to volley the thanks back.


  1. So sweet and so beautiful. Thanks for for showing us the "Thanks". Ginger

  2. Just getting back to blogging and trying to catch up on it all. Nice chocolate covered apples ;-)
    We've been missing you at stamp club, girl ;-)


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