Monday, April 4, 2016

Playing with Ink

A cute duo to share today.  Really tickled with this set!  I used lots of goodies for these fairly simple cards.  Dies, dew drops, Copics, washi tape, two different stamp sets, 2 colors of Mister Huey, oh yeah and some paper.  Hee-hee!

The dew drops, stamps, and washi are easy to spot.  Where did I use the Copic marker?  Well, the b/w rose paper wasn't colorful enough for me.  It came in a kit from a kit club I am a part of and I thought it was a little meh.  I never would have bought it if I wasn't in the kit and thank goodness it was!!!! It gave me a chance to play around and have a "make it work" moment.  I circled the rose blooms with a W-2 Copic marker in a scribble sorta fashion.  Then I used a small circle punch to make a few masks for the blooms.  While it was all masked I sprayed some Mister Huey and waited for everything to dry.  Presto blamo I had a newly colorful patterned paper to use.

Than wasn't the only place I used the Mister Huey though.  The polkas dot paper had "drops" of pink on it, but the two parts I had cut didn't both have pink.  Solution- add a few flecks to the card on the left and now they look more like a set.  I thought I was going to gift the duo and that is why I originally matched them to each other, but then I ended up needing to break up the set.  I'm glad I played around with the sprays regardless, cause these look so light a fun!


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