Friday, December 4, 2015

A Pink Thanksgiving

Thought I'd share a few pics from Thanksgiving while I procrastinate on getting other things done! ;-) It also gives me a chance to play around with my new camera.  I'm loving how great my pics came out.  No editing for exposure issues!

We go up to my SIL's place for Thanksgiving and my nephews always make fun Lego centerpieces.  This year we were treated to a family feast and a ship.

Tom, Cida, and I are displayed here.  I forgot to get the house try built for us too.  Poor Tom looks mean!

Always worry when kids and dogs get quiet.  Watcha' doin' up there Cida?????

Why a "pink" thanksgiving??? Well, there is always pink because my SIL inherited the pink depression glass (Rose is her middle name, so these glasses are a sweet fit).

There's the pink sherbet that tops the fruit cup at the start of the feast.  Y-U-M!

There's the jello that looked neon hot pink on my nephews camera.  It was kinda funny how bright it looked when we were checking out his pics.

The main reason that this Thanksgiving was truly pink were these potatoes.  Yuper, those are mashed potatoes.  Pink. Mashed. Potatoes.  LOL! Very good friends of my BIL and SIL have a farm and these potatoes were in the latest farm share.  I think it was mentioned that they were an heirloom kind, but I don't think anyone caught the name.  They were the regular size, if a bit purpley-pink when peeled (I didn't see the pre-peeled version), but once mashed they looked like frosting.  They made for quite the conversation piece at dinner!  My favorite quote of the night was from my SIL.  I think it went something like "I can't taste them.  The color is too loud.". Hee-here!

After all the adventures, Cida was ready to chill.  He managed to wrap himself up in his wubby and wander around the house like a corgi burrito.

Guess I should go get some stuff finished.  I have a craft fair tomorrow in Quincy at The Woodward School.  If you are in the area, stop by!  It is a great fair with lots of really wonderful vendors and goods!!!

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