Monday, February 23, 2015

Tea Party!

This is one of my favorite stamps!  It so reminds me of coloring in coloring books as a kid and it is even better because I can keep coloring this image in different ways. :)

I had a customer request a few for her "little old ladies group", that's her quote not mine!  She wanted some birthday cards with this image and I had soooo much fun making them that I went a little nuts and made something like 10 more!  I've loaded them in my Etsy shop for Mother's Day. :)

I'll try to put a montage together later.  In the meantime, you can check out some of my previous versions here and here.  In getting this post ready I tried to find other pics of what I have done with this stamp and could only find these two!  I'm pretty surprised because I know I have used this a bunch.  I'll have to do some more searching!!

What's your favorite way to enjoy tea?  Mine might be a bit of honey in some chamomile tea just before bed. :)

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