Sunday, February 22, 2015

June Lobsters!

Well, did you think I dropped off the planet?!?  I have been buried in 6 FEET of snow up here in Massachusetts.  The good part of that is that I have been busy crafting and I am finally getting around to sharing. :)

It's been crazy with snow, so I just had to share this much more beach inspired set of cards.  I had a request from an Etsy customer to make a June birthday card, so I made an extra too!  The best part is that I used lots of bits I already had ready.  I was going to make something else, but it just never looked like I wanted.  Then I got the month themed birthday stamps from PTI and voilĂ !  Love when that happens!!!

I have some pics of all the snow, but honestly I haven't the heart to share them right now.  It's actually a balmy 30 degrees (that's Fahrenheit), so we are going to take the pup for a nice walk.  Once it stops snowing that is!

Enjoy your Sunday Peeps!

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  1. LoL Moriah! I think it's just wishful thinking, hang in there spring is just 26 days away!
    Love your June Lobster Birthday card, the colors are gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!


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