Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Today is both my grams birthday & her granddaughter's (my cousin) birthday today! This is the card I sent to my cousin to wish her a happy day. :)

I used scads of leftovers both from a class I took at Right At Home Scrapbooking and from my scrap bin when I was cleaning up.  DH and I had challenged ourselves to get stuff done at the end of the summer.  He had staff reviews to write, so when he stayed home to write them (for peace & quiet HA!) I decided that I would make cards while he wrote.  For every review he was wrote, I had to make 2 cards.  It was motivating for both of us and we got oodles completed!!!

We live 3 hours apart, but I'm really blessed to be at my age and still be able to send cards 'n presents to my wonderful Grandma Ah-boo (my nickname for her).  How many 40 year-olds have that privilege?!?   Happy Birthday Gram!!!!! Happy Birthday Haley!!!!!


  1. Such a sweet card.
    Doesn't it great when you get some of your to-do completed :)
    I agree you are so lucky to have your grandma in your life :)

  2. Love this card! What a fun challenge. My hubby often brings papers to grade down to my studio (next time the challenge is on!). That is special to have your Gram!

  3. Beautiful card, especially the gorgeous butterfly! You are indeed fortunate to still have your gram!


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