Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Frightful & Delightful

It is amazing what a little cleaning/organizing will do to remind you of what you have done! It is both "frightful" and "delightful". LOL!

Remember this caramel apple from last week? Well here is another gem that turned up when I decided to go through my card "repair shop" at the end of my summer break. The bits and pieces came from the reject pile when I was trying to make this card and this card last fall.

This card ended up in the "repair shop" because it was nekkid as a blue jay inside (meaning no sentiment) and didn't have an envie either.  An easy to solve problem, I just needed to sit down and do it.

The envie stamps are from PTI Fall Jar Fillers- OMG I adore that whole series!  The card uses MFT dies and a old Amuse stamp.  Goodness knows where the paper came from since I was all about making room in my Halloween paper stash last year so I could get more!

It is funny that in August we had some crisp nights and now that it is September we are hot 'n humid.  Didn't Mother Nature look at her calendar???

What can you do?  Oh, I know.  Stay in and make stuff!  Hee-hee!


  1. Would be so fun to make stuff with you. Love your layering ideas and how you mix n' match! Wonderful card Moriah. Hugs to you and happy weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. Elegant and spooky at the same time! I would love to take a peek at your 'repair shop'!


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