Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cida, Cida, Cida

Lot's of folks that DH & I work with have been begging to see Cida. Since he works in a secure building & I work at a school Cida can't visit in person, so this post is hopefully going to satisfy Cida cravings for a bit. ;)

This is Cida the first week we had him.  It's only been 3 weeks, but my goodness he seems soooo much bigger than he was in this picture!  He toy "Harry" has taken quite a beating since then too. ;)

Here's Little Man with his favorite toy "Donkey" (it must be said with a Scottish accent).  It's a crunchy sounding toy that we went out to buy because Cida loves crunchy leaves.  When all else fails, Donkey is his "wubby" that calms him down.  He sleeps with Donkey and you can hear him play with it in his crate when he wakes up in the morning.  We are pretty lucky that he has been sleeping through the night since about his 5th day with us!

He's been more mellow since we started Puppy Kindergarten too.  I think all that "thinking" and "work" has been wearing him out which is great!  Imagine adopting a rambunctious toddler and that's our Cida. LOL!  Puppy Kindergarten had been fabulous for both Cida and for us.  Cad was already a trained adult when he came to live with us, so all the training groundwork had been set.  We have all learned a ton and so has our extended family!  Our instructor says Cida is super smart (of course he is!!!) and she has us working on more advanced tricks to challenge Mr. Smartypants.

So Cida is sleeping though the night, seems to have a week of being housebroken under his belt, has learned his name and the basic commands, enjoys car rides now, then our next mission is ears!  The breeder suggested that we start taping them to build the ear muscles.  We've seen some ear movement already, but stay tuned for some embarrassing pictures of a corgi with pink curlers in his ears! (shh, don't tell Cida).

Well, we're off for a beachwalk (and a stop at CVS for pink foam curlers...)


  1. Ohhhh my word, he's precious!! What a good puppy. Love those pictures and so great to hear the progress is coming along so well. If you ever need a puppy sitter..I'm all about helping :)
    SO CUTE!

  2. Aww... He is absolutely precious! Such a sweet face!! So glad to hear things are going well!


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