Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday & Resolutions Update

Morning Peeps!  Today's card is from DH's birthday.  My girlfriend down at The Cape found the pattern for this from watching Clinton's Craft Corner on The Chew and showed us how to make it.  She remembered that DH's birthday would be happening right after I got back from our time together.  Every year the ladies are tasked with helping me come up with some gifts for DH when we are shopping!  It's becoming a running joke. :)

I can't give diets on the supplies used here because they were from my friend's stash, but this leads into an update on my Summer Resolutions 2014!

So to recap here are the resolutions:

Summer Resolutions 2014

1.  Get Cida housebroken Done! Yahooey!
2.  Donate 10 boxes of "stuff from the house" to charity (likely my closet!!!) 2 boxes started
3.  Get clothes I am keeping tailored (I'm short and lazy with my sewing machine) Done! I can't wait for it to get chilly so I can wear my "new" wardrobe. LOL!
4.  Gather crafty goods not being used to either purge or sell I've looked at stuff and walked on by :P
5. Plant succulents on back deck I got a HUGE deal at Lowe's on a bunch of plants and it looks like a total makeover in back!  Spent $50 for $150 worth of goodies.  LOVE IT!
6. Mulch pathway & generally give love to backyard DH actually mulched for me as a surprise and I have been caring for the grass.  Happy to report everything is greening up nicely!
7.  Sit outside to read or eat 2-3 times a week (if it is pretty I should admire it!). Not doing this as much as I hoped, but we have had friends/family over & enjoyed it then.  Still have room for improvement here.
8. Get upstairs toilet & shower fixed (both are using too much water!) Toilet is done!
9.  Get curtains for bedroom (seriously we've been in the house like 8 years and only used shades!) Not even remotely begun here.
10.  Fix hole in ceiling our poor friend Jeff made whilst in our attic. :) Have numbers to call...
11.  Use treadmill 5 times a week (if I tell y'all I'm gonna do it, I'll feel guilty if I don't) I bagged this since I am walking the dog pretty much every day!
12. Blog and comment at least 2 times a week (y'all are so inspiring I gotta get my mojo going again!) Miserable disaster here, but at least the dog is housebroken!
13.  Add more details to my creation posts Well, when I actually post I am getting better. :)
14.  Design & create 3 new banners See comment at 12
15.  Don't spend any money (other than bills & food) for the next 3 weeks Utter failure here, but I decided to amend this by recording exactly what I spend/where I spend each day on my calendar.  It has really helped me make better choices!
I thought I would close this post with a shot my DSIL took of the pup back in early July.  He thought her shoes were the best thing since beachwalks!  Now he is twice as big and still LOVES her shoes. :)
Have a thrilling Thursday!


  1. Cute puppy pic. Love the card with the plaid shirt too. Good luck on your resolution list. I could pretty much copy and paste that for myself (minus dog stuff, lol).

  2. Love the wonderful tie and shirt card! Your list made me chuckle, especially #12 and the references back to it! I need to make a fall list for myself! Can I still add Shadow being housebroken as an achievement? ;)


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