Monday, June 9, 2014

Purple Zebra Stripes?

My good friend texted me last weekend asking if I would make invites for her middle daughter. I leapt at the chance to make something girly!!! Then she mentioned purple zebra stripes.  I had to channel my inner 12 year-old.  The one who wanted a hot pink Trans Am (my mom had an 80's muscle version and my step-mom had a Kitts version no wonder I have a lead foot!).

Since my LSS closed, I stopped by M's and was rewarded with a sale on shimmer Bazzill & purple zebra paper!  Yay! I pulled out my purple Copies and the PTI mini birthday set.

The stars got a little yellow and a little Sticklers.  I figured it kept the invites from being too purple- my 12 year-old self would have been appalled.  I LOVED purple, it was my favorite- despite the want for a hot pink car- and I hated yellow with purple.  Alas, the older artist in my wanted contrast.

No "nekkid" envies!  The sentiment is from my all time favorite AveryElle set.  The font is gorgeous and they stamp like a dream.  My friends got their kiddos a pool for Christmas and this will be the first party.  "Oh Happy Day" totally sums up the feelings about the day. :)

I showed everything to DH when I finished and he wanted to know how I made stickers.  LOL!  I told him I stamped and colored all the birthday cakes.  A piece of cardboard placed inside the envies kept the Copies from bleeding through to the back.  Guess I did such a good job he thought I had done it on the computer. :)

This is the whole shebang together.  Little Miss texted me that she liked her invites. Yay!  I was on pins and needles.  12 year-old girly stuff is a tough balance between "I'm not a kid anymore" and "I'm not sure I really want to be a grown-up".  Fingers crossed that the weekend of her pool, bonfire, sleepover birthday party is as gorgeous as this past weekend.  Little Miss is an awesome kid (so are her sisters and parents!).  She deserves a fabulous day!

You deserve a fabulous Monday!  Fingers crossed for you too!

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  1. They are fabulous! Perfect for this age and your cakes do look amazing!!


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