Thursday, May 22, 2014

Father's Day Froggin'

We have a shared pond in our backyard, boy I can tell you that the frogs have bunches to say these days!  Lots of talking a dawn & dusk. :) All their noise inspired these Father's Day cards.

This Unity image was a present to myself last winter. :) I figured since I had broken out my Copics for some Mother's Day cards, I'd use them on some Father's Day cards before putting them away.  LOL!

I'm really tickled with how these came out, especially the overalls!  These two are going in the pile to bring to work to sell.  I sold out of almost all my Mother's Day goods when I brought them in the week before the big day and folks asked me about doing the same for Father's Day cards.  We also have a bridal shower coming up, so I've gotta get crackin' on some shower/wedding cards too. :)

What crafty stuff have you been up too lately?


  1. So cute! I see that overalls are back in the stores now too and the hole in these are fabulous with his toes in the grass. These make excellent Father's Day cards Moriah :)

  2. Adorable! I love his little knee peeking through the hole in his overalls! These will be wonderful for Father's Day!


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