Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You remember how your mother used to say that you shouldn't make faces 'cause they might freeze that way?  I'm pretty sure my face is still frozen from this morning!!!  I had outside bus duty today, so the four of us were out getting the wee ones off the buses for about 20 minutes this morning.  It was -17 with the windchill.  I have no idea how folks in Alaska do it.  I love winter and snow, but not this brutal cold!
Well, now that I have gotten inside and warmed up I have something that I hope will bring a smile to your face today!  Since getting ready for my class, I've been playing around with pocket cards and my stash.
The color combo was inspired by my desperate need to channel warm weather. ;P  Some ski places have shut down because of the frigid weather!!
You know the line from Despicable Me when the lil gal says "It's so fluffy!!!!" or when Rudolph says "She thinks I'm cuuuuute!".  Well when I look at this card, it is shouting "I'm sooooo happy and cute!!!!!".

Thinking of all of you out there in blogland really does make me smile.  What made you smile today?  I've got a couple giveaways, here and here, I know that might help! :)


  1. It's so preeeeeeety!!! This is wonderful and I love the pull out tag!

    I am not envious of your bus duty at all! Our temps actually reached the mid 60's today...crazy! Of course by Friday we'll be back in the freeze zone!


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