Friday, January 18, 2013

More Hot Stuff

You know me, when I get on a roll with something I can't help but keep going. :)  I went to town creating a few more cocoa packets.  I reworked two versions from last year's batch (with fresh cocoa of course!).

These two are totally winter's day themed packages.  That snowman is soooo stinkin' cute!!!!  Making these is so addictive, but the trouble is that I want to drink all the cocoa before I fill the pockets.  Oh the trials of creativity.  LOL!
For these I went more in-your-face valentine.  Sometimes obvious is the best way to go, that and I was in the mood to get all hearts 'n flowers after all the Santa 'n tree action of last month. :)  To help reduce your valentine stress, I've loaded a few of these in my shoppe.

Have a happy Friday & stop by tomorrow for the great Grow Your Blog Party!

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  1. Every one of these is wonderful! I love the eyelet cherries!!


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