Monday, December 3, 2012

Awesome Alternate Trees

Happy Monday everyone! I've chatted and chatted about the Metheun Festival of Trees to all of you- and anyone I have run into the last month or so. :) I took tons of pictures. It's just soooo much fun to look at sooooo many beautiful trees!
This is a peek at halfway down one aisle (there are 3).  I get giddy when we walk in because this show truly makes you feel like a kid at Christmas again. :)
Today's theme is "Outside the Box".  I picked a smattering of the more non-traditional trees to share with all of you. Enjoy!
This tree had an Avengers theme.  I thought about entering to win this tree to give to my nephews if I won, but really how could I have ever topped that gift (and the fear of my SIL killing me prevented my entering LOL!)  It was a wicked cool tree covered in toys and a huge variety of Avenger ornaments. 
I really wanted to win this mini-ish tree.  It was covered in art!  A ton of mini paintings from an art co-op.  What an awesome way to display paintings!
Dress form or tree?  Can't you see this tree in your favorite style diva's bedroom?  I think this would make for a cool window tree at a dress shop. :)
I thought this was such a cool idea.  It's a bookstand/Christmas tree!  How awesome of a gift would this tree be for your teen book lover?!?!?
They even had ornaments hanging off the display. :)
Since the trees are no-touch (rightfully so!) the family that donated this tree included a book list so you would know what books were "on the tree".  Awesome selection!!!
 There were a couple other book themed trees in the festival.  This one is the Jolly Christmas Postman and it was adorable.  There was one done up as There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, but I had a wicked hard time getting pictures of that tree. :(
This one was done up by the local fire station (of course!) and was titled Merry TRUCKmas.  So cute!  The tree topper is an emergency light.  I love when the theme is knocked outta the park like this.  The base is the garage that holds the trucks.  Someone got lucky when they won this truck filled  tree yesterday!
It's hard to tell from my picture, but this is the Frankenweenie tree.  It won a prize for creative tree topper- and well deserved too!
I could get a good shot of the topper.  This was the best one.  Remember those plasma balls that were so popular in the 80's?  That's what was used as the topper.  LOVE IT!  Not sure where the tree would go, but I admire the creativity.

So is your tree up?  Do you do a theme?  Are there special traditions in your family for your tree?

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  1. Oh, this looks like so much fun! The trees are amazing!!


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