Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wait 5 Minutes

It's been a roller-coaster weather week here in New England.  Cold, warm, hot-ish, then snow!  Looks like this week will be another repeat of the temp swings.  That's New England for you.  Don't like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes.  It'll change. ;)
I'm happy to say that despite the lack of snow, many of my daffy girls survived and are beginning to pop out.  I got so excited seeing my girls, that I got out all my Easter/spring decor and starting freshening up the house.  Bye-bye snowmen.  See you next year.  Hello bunnies, chicks, and ceramic eggs! :)
These are a couple cards I made using some paper from the Christmas/December kit believe it or not.  The color combo was clearly inspired by the approach of spring though. :)  The "to" tags are a cute way to personalize the card when I get around to sending thank yous next year.  I'm at least adding the one with the snowflake border to the Christmas stash.  The other one could be used whenever.  Love that!
I did get a bunch done at the craft in, but not as much done as I wanted. :(  .  Here's a teaser at an upcoming post!  It looks like I will have to have my own one woman craft in for April.  I waited too long to sign-up and now I'm wait listed, but at least I am the first one on the list if someone cancels. :)


  1. Looks great Moriah! I hear you about the weather! 5 inches of snow yesterday and it's all warm and melted today! Wild New England! :)

  2. Crazy weather everywhere. 50 today 80 tomorrow. The daffodile girls look wonderful. Love the new buds in the Spring. :) Your cards are fantastic and I love the sneak peek!
    hugs to you,
    Lisa xx

  3. Your cards are fantastic and I can't wait to see the next post!!
    We actually have daffodils blooming right now! Of course, we could have 5 inches of snow tomorrow...

  4. Just noticed I have a daffodil coming up! That is unheard of here but we are having a great warm up lately. Lovely cards. Have a great week!


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