Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cupcake Inspiration Challenge

Hope Stamps Eternal has another fun cupcake inspiration challenge for this week.  These cupcake photo challenges are such yummy fun!It's very easy to get distracted by the deliciousness of this cupcake.  I really want some frosting right now (shuffles off to check the cupboards for can of frosting- jackpot!  shuffles back to laptop with mouth full of chocolate frosting).  
Gosh I wish I could make frosting flowers like these!!!
I haven't had a chance to join in the challenge fun at HSE the last few weeks, so I made it a point to set aside some time to join the fun.  It was also a good excuse to pull out some old BG paper. :)
The inside says birthday, but the Technique Tuesday set of greetings could have the inside say anniversary, graduation, or just about whatever.  I used a mix of mini flowers stamps to decorate the envie and the background of the card.
I really enjoy making the envie match the cards.  I know, I know shades of "Martha".  Can't help it.  Sorry.  Well, only a little sorry.  The matchy-matchy envies are so wicked cute!!!


  1. Simple, Clean and So pretty! just like the Cuppie! :) Thanks for playing along with the Cupcake Inspiration challenge!

  2. Very beautiful! Great take on the challenge colors.

    (If I had a cupcake that looked like those - I'd never be able to eat it! They're too pretty!)

  3. Oh I would be able to eat those suckers Yummy.
    Your card turned out perfectly for the challenge.

  4. The soft pastels of this card really capture that old vintage style. Thanks for sharing

  5. Love your card and those cupcakes are amazing.

  6. the card is simple and elegant. nice job!

  7. i have really enjoyed looking at your blog today, you have so many interesting makes and your style is lovely

    hope you are having a enjoyable bank holiday weekend, sarah x


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