Monday, May 31, 2010

Cards from Kids

As promised, the cards my students made last week!
The kids did a great job in spite of the terrible heat we had last week.  I didn't take photo's of the letters they wrote because their names are included, but the letters are precious.

All the kids had to read the "How to Make a Card" as part of the process of creating their card front.  After my first group I realized that they shouldn't put bows and buttons on their cards until after they wrote their letter because they needed the whole inside of the card to write their letter!  It was a good learning experience.

After the cards were done (sorta) each group had a chance to write a letter of thanks to a soldier.  Regardless of anyone's feelings about fighting, or having troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, it's important for our men and women to know that people back home care about them. 

The kids wrote some wonderful things to the soldiers thanking them for being brave and asking them cute questions like "what's your favorite snack", "where were you born", and "do you like sports". 

Hopefully these cards with bring a little sunshine to deployed troops.  If you'd like to have your kids write a letter, or you yourself would like to send a note from home, please go to Operation Write Home to get all the details.  This is a great cause and it's a great way to put your creative talents to use in pay-it-forward style!

***Please leave comments for the kids about their cards.  They will be so excited to hear what all of you have to say.


  1. These are sure to put a smile on the troops faces I am sure of that.
    What a sweet thing for them to do. They all did an excellent job.

  2. The kids did a great job! They should be proud of themselves and they contributed to a great cause!

  3. Wow these are wonderful cards. The troops will be so happy. All the buttons, flowers and bows look great. What book did you read. That is my favorite lesson. Read a book and do a project to go with it. Oh how that helps retention. I am going to miss teaching.

  4. We agree---great job. What a variety of different designs. All of the artists were very creative--- lots of imagination. The troops will enjoy sharing their cards with each other. You all can be proud.


  5. Wow! These are all so beautiful. They've got talent. You've sure taught them well. Tell them to keep on crafting!!

  6. You're teaching your students well!

  7. Just stunning!! It´s always nice to get a card, but it´s more specialy when it´s hand made! I´m sure your troops will love it :)

  8. Oh how sweet! these cards are adorable!!! I LOVE the kids drawings! Flags, rainbows, a sunshine... sure to brighten someones day and make them smile. I also love the questions you asked. I know the troops will love and appreciate each and every card. Great job kids!!! May God bless each and every one of you!

    PS you won the image on the FBD Challenge blog :) Congratulations.

  9. Wow what a wonderful project and wonderful creations. I am sure that the recipients will be overwhelmed by the sweet thoughts.


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