Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes for Homeless Kids

What do you remember about your childhood birthday celebrations? Did you have family, friends, a cake, and at least one present? What if you didn't have a home to call your own?
A few years back I bought a kit from the Paper Source near me. It was an impulse buy, but I hung on to them trying to decide what to do. Well, inspiration struck! The Stamp Club I belong to at my LSS has decided to do a springtime charity. We'll all make birthday cards to send to a homeless shelter in a nearby town that we have worked with in the past. This shelter is taking part in the Birthday Wishes program. I can't say enough about this fabulous organization. The staff at my school have volunteered for this charity for the last couple of years and I was excited to hear that the club was going to be helping out too!

Basically Birthday Wishes helps to provide birthday parties for kids who are living at a homeless shelter. Through volunteers, donations, and various fund-raising, they are able to provide a cake, present, card, and a fun game/craft/entertainment to kids who are celebrating their birthday at a shelter. So, we are making lots of different kinds of birthday cards! (I know these chicks need a little more "umph". I'd love any suggestions!)
All children deserve to have happy birthday memories. Hopefully, I can help be a part of something greater than me and be a part of bringing joy to a child who is going through something no one deserves.
I'd love to hear about how your crafting hobby has been able to help others. Your comments are inspiring and maybe there's something you are doing that I can share with others. :)


  1. How great to be involved in such a terrific cause! The kids will love those 'chickies'.

  2. Wonderful idea, and a great thing to dedicate time to. A really great cause!

  3. It's a neat thing to do, will brighten some kids day. How about some googly eyes?

    I do my cards for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Last year raised $150 with them.


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