Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Valentine's Cupcake

I was scrolling through my blog and don't think I ever shared these!  This is one of the kits that kept me busy last winter.  Which wasn't a bad thing considering how much snow we got and how many snow days I had last year!

These went all over.  California for a tea party, Pennsylvania for a 2nd graders valentines, Texas, and a bunch of other places I am forgetting right now.  One gal used the watercolor version to make cards for her coworkers.  Love my Etsy customers!  I wouldn't have thought anyone but kids would like these and I'm so happy to find out how wrong I was!!

Two options for the DIY Cupcake Valentine Kits are just cupcakes to make, but two versions also include 2 teacher cards that I make with big layered cupcakes.  Anywho, thanks for taking a peek at another valentine throwback!

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