Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bonkers for Banners

November had me madly making banners for coworkers to have in time for family gatherings!  This first one is a "shalom" banner.  One of my roomies wanted this for her mantle in time for Hanukkah.  I went simple with the embellishments because we both agreed that she would be able to use this for the High Holy Days that typically fall earlier in the fall and then still be able to use it for Hanukkah (which after this year will be more into winter again).

This is the "harvest" banner that was inspired by the "lilah" birthday banner from an earlier post.  I ended up sending it to my DH's cousin who is in London this year.  Obviously they don't celebrate Thanksgiving and I was hoping she would have it in time to decorate her room for our holiday. :)

This is the "thankful" banner that a coworker wanted, but then decided it was too small.  I thought I would keep it for myself, but then another coworker wanted it for her mantle. :D

I have yet to download the pics for the "merry" banners I have created, so stay tuned!  They may even get posted before Christmas. ;)


  1. These are gorgeous and I love the variety! Marvelous job on all of them!

  2. Your banners are adorable! I personally love the "thankful" one. Neat how you used the apple garland!

  3. So great looking~I'm sure they were pleased!!

  4. Love your Banners -
    have two under my belt & deciding how many i should do for Valentines -
    Christmas decorations still up & planning Valentines .... lol


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