Thursday, November 21, 2013

What'll ya drink?

I went nuts making some hot cocoa and hot cider stocking stuffers for the in-house craft fair. They are kinda addicting to make 'cause they are so fun to embellish!

I used a couple PTI mini sets to make the red apples.  They are really supposed to be cherries & the leaves are for the pears, but I love how they can be morphed into mini apples!!!  The sentiments are from MFT's lollipop set and I thought they helped to make the hot cider tags transform them into possible place cards instead of stocking stuffers. :)

Don't tell the other packets, but this snowflake is currently my favorite one because you have a snowflake ornament to use after you drink all the cocoa. :D  I think I might have to give it to our PE teacher as a thank you.  He helped lug all the stuff to my car when I took down my "booth" yesterday.  If I know him, he'll drink the cocoa and pass the snowflake along to his mom.  Whenever he wins something girlie, or gets something more on the girlie side, he gives it to his mom.  Isn't he sweet!

What stocking stuffers are you working on this year?


  1. These are very cute! Love all the pretty papers and your cherry/apples, too clever! I am working on popcorn wraps, candy wraps, and gift card holders. I love that you have an in-house craft fair. That is fun!

  2. Your pocket are lovely.
    Such fun bright papers. I like you turned out cherry stamp into an apple ;)
    Very clever :)

  3. What a gorgeous way to package those packets!! Your papers are fantastic and I LOVE the cherry/pear/apples!


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