Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Trick Pony

One trick pony here. LOL!  I'm trying to clean my way out of my studio for the big yard sale in a couple weeks.  I'm also trying to be good about sending cards to family & friends on their special days.  3 weeks into my self imposed card sending challenge and I'm already running low!!!

I used up some scraps to bang out these 2 cards.  I figure later I'll add a banner/sentiment to the front when I get closer to needing either a birthday or anniversary card.  Seems like I can get away with saying "zooming by to say" on the cover and then add a celebratory greeting on the inside. :)

The bling for the lights was a last minute inspiration (read I didn't want to get out of my chair to put away the rhinestones. Laziness pays off sometimes! hee-hee)

Have a fun evening everyone!


  1. Great cards Moriah :)
    Great fun colours.
    I too am trying to do a clean up or re-organization of my room ;)

  2. These are so fun, especially the bling for the lights!! I wouldn't qualify these as a one trick pony though! Although it's the same technique, the finished products are completely different and wonderful. I'd say you're showing your flexibility and mastery of this style!!


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