Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Bouquet

Happy Monday Folks!  We are enjoying some time up in Maine this week with the fam, so for me it is a happy start to the week. :)

I've switched from all those sun related creations of the last couple weeks back to my daisy obsession. LOL!  I managed to find one lone package of the old style of Wilson cupcake doilies.  I wish they had kept this design.  I'm not a big fan of the new version I've had to get at JoAnn's and Michael's. :(

This card gave me a good excuse to ease myself back into using my copics again.  I realized I haven't used them much lately and the book I am reading with my tutoring student got me back into them.  The main character likes to draw and just got a new package of colored pencils- the large pack- and she was so excited to have so many colors it got me thinking about all the colors of copics I have been ignoring.  A little wonky on my lines when you look up close, but overall I like the final product.

Have a great week peeps!


  1. So pretty! I love the doily framing these pretty daisies.

  2. This is gorgeous! Your daisies look wonderful!!


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