Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini Album Tut- A Revisit

So this is the tut I did this summer over at Craft Goodies and I thought with all the yucky weather we have had on the East Coast lately it was worth a revisit! :)  The pics are a wee bit tiny, so feel free to click on any picture to enlarge.
 The summer flies by so fast that this little gem is fast, easy, and a great memento of warm weather days.  Don't let the supply list scare you off though.  It looks like a lot when listed, but the photo below pretty much includes everything I used (and a few items I did not).
Supplies needed:
2- 4"x4" coasters 
(I bought mine, but I've also gotten them from TGIF's/Chili's/The 99)
4- pre-cut 4"x4"squares of pattern paper for the coaster covers inside and out
3- pre-cut 4"x4"squares of kraft cardstock
2- pre-cut 4"x4"squares of aqua cardstock
5- pre-cut 3 1/4"x3 1/4"squares of assorted pattern papers
1 yard ribbon for tie closure cut in half
1 large parcel tag
additional scraps of pattern paper and cardstock for page & cover embellishment
additional coordinating ribbons/twine in various lengths for page embellishment
assorted small beach/summer themed stamps
assorted stickers & rub-ons
coordinating dye ink pads/ chalk ink pads
1" circle punch
scallop border punch or die
acid free adhesives
scissors & paper cutter
corner rounder
Zutter or other binding machine
I'm so much like my 6 year-old students!  I was so excited to start this book that I for my first step (after deciding on which luscious papers to use), I adhered the 3 1/4" papers to the 4"X4" cardstock squares.  After assembling these I realized I had forgotten to assemble the covers!!!  Be patient, I'll get back to the covers. LOL!
This page lacked a little personality, so before I even adhered the water paper, a little lobster was stamped around the edges of the kraft paper.  Since the covers have wave pattern paper that is slightly different, the additional stamping gives this page a little more stand alone umph. ;)
My next step was to assemble the covers and the back of the pages I had just assembled.  My coasters have rounded corners, so I used my corner rounder to have the pages and cover papers echo the shape.  *Round the corners before adhering the cover papers.  If you don't have a corner rounder, then adhere on side of the cover and trim with your scissors before adhering the other side and repeating.  That way your corners will have a crisper rounded edge.
So back to the covers!  I like my scrapbooks to have a tie closure, so I attach a ribbon with double-stick tape to the inside cover and then adhere the pattern paper over the ribbon.  Then it's all about having fun with inking the edges, adding tabs/ribbon/rub-ons/stamps.
There isn't always much room for journaling in such small scrapbooks, so for this page I added labeled pocket with tag.  Easy to assemble, just edge the sides and bottom with liquid glue or extremely narrow double-stick tape.  The tag could be swapped out for a map or ticket stubs from a water park, but having the pocket labeled with the information rub-on is a great way to remind yourself to include those when/where details for future reminiscing. :)
This page has that fun stamped mini lobster page on the right.  It looks a little naked as layouts go right now, but keep in mind that on a 4"x4" page a picture can take up a great deal of space.  I had to remind myself not to get "too nuts" with embellishments because they may end up covered by pictures later.
In addition to my many addictions (Netflix, Kindle books, fuzzy slippers and tablescapes) I adore dies 'n die cutting tools.  The scalloped edge on the left side is one of my newest go-to dies (just wait to see how cute it looks on a page further down).
Scraps leftover from page one circle punched and some foam tape give these pages a little drama with only a little effort and the rub-on at the bottom anchors the page. :)
Here's that fun scalloped border again.  Isn't it cute as a faux awning for this final page?!?  A little foam tape to adhere this one and the picture can slide under the awning a wee bit to make an awesome ending to this pocket sized memento.

Hope you enjoyed this little tut and you are encouraged to give this idea a go!  Please let me know if you do- I'd love to see your creation!!!!

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  1. Such a cute mini book Moriah! Love all those papers you used - especially the surfboard paper and the tiny lobster ;-)


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